Madkandalo factories in Qeshm

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the length : 42.2 m width: 9.2m drinker: 2.1m Crew: 8 people

tonb 1

the length : 31 m width: 4.5m drinker: 1.5m Crew: 3 people

atashkhar outboard

the length : 12 m width: 4.5m drinker: 0.70 m Crew: 4 people

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Throughout the life cycle of a vessel, Medkandaloo Shipping Co. Ltd. provides a full range of services to ensure efficient operation and regulatory compliance. As engineers and innovators, Medkandalu Floating Cooperative is constantly seeking to develop new ideas and push new boundaries, without crossing its borders. Medkandalu Floating Cooperative is an ideal partner for developing new inspiring solutions for missions. it's hard.


Medkandalo Floating Cooperative offers the best shipbuilding solution using digital shipbuilding technology. Technical risk is minimized and comprehensive information is produced. This allows options for production taking into account the prioritization of factors. The process includes a quality management system to monitor construction, and beyond commissioning, a 3D digital twin for lifetime maintenance.



Medkandalo Floating Cooperative's holistic approach to vessel procurement is based around a specific operational design developed in partnership with the operator - your vision, our innovation. We conduct an iterative process to communicate the project with stakeholders and allow the project to develop within set parameters. A functional design is then carried out to define the vessel for certification.

about us

Qeshm Medkandalovi Floating Cooperative Company was established in Qeshm Island, Kandalo region in 1385 with the aim of producing and repairing all kinds of fiberglass, aluminum and steel floats. Relying on the strength and talent of the local forces and using the modern technology, this company has been able to take a step towards the growth and excellence of the shipbuilding industry in the region. Creating employment, employing local forces in the region, helping national production, improving the quality and quantity of the shipbuilding industry in the region, etc. are among the other goals of establishing this company. This company is able to build aluminum, steel and fiberglass vessels under the class and supervision of the world’s most famous classification institutions. Company Name : Madkand Alavi Qeshm Floating Cooperative Company Management in the project of building fiberglass, aluminum and steel floats, installing equipment on the float, supplying equipment for all types of steel, aluminum and fiberglass floats, carrying out periodical repairs of floats, design and technical engineering, services and consulting for the construction of floats, investment, participation and any permitted commercial activities related to The subject of fiberglass company: vip, passenger, service, fire, ambulance, fishing and… aluminum: vip, passenger, cargo, service, fishing and….. steel : Landing craft, barge, tugboat, barge hotel and…..