Madkandalo factories in Qeshm

24-meter floating (CTV) CREW TRANSFER VESSEL

This vessel with an aluminum body and a catamaran shape is designed in such a way that it provides the user with the ability to transfer people and equipment (cargo space) at the same time between oil platforms, between islands and different regions.  

22-meter class C catamaran marine ambulance boat

This boat is made of aluminum body and uses the form of a catamaran body, which gives the boat the possibility of stability in various weather conditions, and in addition to the possibility of patient transfer and advanced treatments, the possibility of resuscitation and ICU, CCU and such an independent laboratory in It has authority […]

Class float (Far) 17.5 M and class float (Sar) 13 M coastal

Due to the vast sea width in the Persian Gulf and the existence of numerous islands and cargo and recreational ports, there is a need for multi-purpose vessels with the ability to search and extinguish fire as quickly as possible with high maneuverability and agility, which are Far class vessels. 17.5 meters and 13 meters […]

14m patrol class float (coastal patrol float)

The 14-meter float is in the class of coastal patrol floats which was designed in such a way that it provides maneuverability and seaworthiness at high speeds for the user during patrolling and sailing.

14M medical emergency class ambulance float (MEB)

Due to the existence of the islands in the Persian Gulf and the need to transport the patient in the fastest and safest conditions, the MEB class ambulance float was designed by the factory’s technical team, which is equipped with 2 patient beds and complete resuscitation and rescue equipment. Also, the floating cabin was designed […]

The project under construction this year is 3 32-meter floating ships

According to the background of Medkandalavi Shipyard in Qeshm in the direction of designing and building Ferrıse (passenger) class vessels in order to update the sea transportation fleet, a 32-meter vessel The Tunb class was designed by the factory’s technical team according to the latest principles and rules of shipbuilding and 3 ships are being […]

mpb class floats

The CTV (Crew Boat 40m) is made of 5083 Bashgol marine aluminum body, it is a monohull body, which has the ability to sail and maneuver in high seas, as well as the ability to move the crew of oil platforms, fire fighting, cargo area equipped with two spray arms for destroying substances. It has […]

mpb class floats

MPB class vessels, combined mooring vessel, pilot boat, which has the ability of guide vessels and tugboats, and is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, which has a suitable cover for multi-purpose use in ports and fuel docks.